Spinal injuries generally occur in the shifting parts of neck as well as back.

As in head traumas, traffic accidents, occupational accidents, natural disasters, falling down from height, sports injuries cause 3-50% of spinal injuries. However, it is compulsory to carry out detailed examination and tests considering that every patient referring to emergency room might present with spinal cord injuries. Otherwise, an unobserved situation might lead to serious disabilities even causing life threats.

Most frequent spinal injuries occur in the shifting parts of neck and back. Depending on the type and severity of the accident neurological problems such as partial stroke, whole stroke and incontinence may occur. Most importantly the patient should be rescued and transferred in line with the medical practices.

Any malpractice during this period might cause worse conditions. With early diagnosis and intervention, progressive disorders of the patients can be taken under control. Age, sex of the patient, injury mechanism, and level of injury, fractures, other accompanying injuries as well as location and size of the injury are significant parameters to determine the treatment options.

How to treat Spinal Injuries?

In case of spinal injuries, patient must be absolutely analyzed and examined by a physician. A malpractice particularly might lead to permanent damages in the spinal cord. For those patients with spinal injuries location and size of the injury are effective to determine the treatment options.

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