What is herniated cervical disc in neck?

Herniated cervical disc in neck is a kind of hernia which generally leads to increasing pain complaints while leaning head forwards, and which is accompanied with arm numbness and it is a serious and medical intervention requiring problem. In the event that the problem is not ruled out in time, it can cause stroke as it damages nerves compressed by hernia.

There are seven spinal columns in the region of human neck. Between the spinal columns, discs functioning like a softening shock absorber are located. Each one of thesediscs has an elastic feature. Discs are filled with a jelly like material. Formation of a bulge because of spilled jelly like material is referred to herniated cervical disc.

What are the symptoms of Herniated Cervical Disc in Neck?

  • Immediate pain in arm,
  • Neck pain,
  • Numbness and pain extending to fingers,
  • Subsequent weakness in fingers and arm.

How to detect herniated cervical disc in neck?

Pain in arm and neck causes numbness in fingers and weakness in arm in the further stages. Therefore, referring immediately to a specialized and experienced physician will be the best option for detection of herniated disc in neck.

Final diagnosis is put following a clinical examination first and cervical MRI. Later on, graphs and computerized tomography can be applied.

How to treat herniated cervical disc in neck?

  • For the initial staged herniated cervical disc in neck, relaxation, physical therapy and some exercises are advised.
  • In case of further staged herniated cervical disc in neck, and compression in spinal cord, pain and weakness in arm, as well as growth of hernia, surgical intervention is advised.
  • In order for determining the other reasons leading to pain in arm and for helping the surgical decision, electromyography (EMG) in upper extremity is taken.

Full Endoscopic Disc Surgery for Treatment of Herniated Cervical Disc in Neck

Full endoscopic disc surgery is advised particularly for those patients who presents with persistent herniated cervical disc in neck even after relaxation, physical therapy and exercises. During full endoscopic disc surgery, a slight laceration sized only 1.5-2 cm is performed from the anterior site of neck. That such a small sized laceration is applied enables the full endoscopic disc surgery method to become quite comfortable.

The most advantageous feature of full endoscopic disc surgery for the treatment of herniated cervical disc in neck is that the patient can fully recover within a short period. This period can be only 3 hours after the operation. On the other hand, despite 3 hours of period for recovery, it is required for the patient to relax and not to work for at least 1 week and stay at home wearing neck rest.

How much does it take for the patient to recover and start normal life activities?

The patient can recover approximately 3 hours after the operation wearing neck rest. It is appropriate for the patient to stay at hospital only for one night as s/he will be exposed to general anesthesia. The patient will be discharged next day. The patient will start to work within approximately 10 days. A 2 month of recovery period is sufficient to start sportive activities such as swimming and others.

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